Friday, July 3, 2009

TGIF Photo Friday

Since the employee issue has left me exhausted and I'd really, really, really like to leave work early today...I don't have much to say! Good thing it's Photo Friday.

Ha! I'd forgotten all about this picture! It was taken when I graduated with my masters in 2006. That look on my face? Me trying to wake up from the catotonic state caused by my thesis. I didn't even know this picture existed until last year, when someone sent me a brochure they had received from the university. That's right...I'm in the brochure! Me, a model!? I was feeling pretty good about myself until I realized the brochure is targeted toward returning adult students, or the mature student, if you will. Ouch.

(I've got them fooled.)

Happy Fourth!


Runner Tammy said...

I am so sorry about your HR issue. I was approached to be in a supervisory position recently and could decline politely because my mom just passed away...I have no idea what my next excuse will be if I am approached again. Perhaps I can keep reusing this excuse for a while.

When I was a grad teaching asst I am pretty sure some of my students had grandparents that were dead, resurrected, dead, resurrected multiple times. It would appear around me miracles occur frequently:-)

I CANNOT believe you are the poster child for returning adult students. You look so young!

Maybe you were the youngest person who was not already asleep because if your graduation was as boring and as long as mine I made use of the hours to catch a really long nap.

Happy 4th!

Sarah said...

HR issues are frustrating. Good luck with that one :( boo!!

In other news - that picture is super cute. You look like a very serene graduate!

HC said...

What a cutie you are!

Hey just FYI, I shut down my blog b/c of some privacy issues -- all is well, but I just want to be extra careful -- figuring out whether I want to bring it back in another form. I'll keep ya in the loop. :)

carrie said...

Me a cutie? Hee! You made my day. Thanks for letting me know about your blog!I would have worried the TJ snacks got the best of you...

Good luck with the job hunt, Haley!