Thursday, October 8, 2009

Living in a Dream

It's been nearly a month since I posted, which seems impossible. That's how utterly busy life has been. So busy that an entire month has passed in what seems like two days. I'm out of all my regular routines and I feel almost like I'm living in someone else's life. Like a dream, I guess. It's weird.

But awesome.

An overview:
Home. My parents had a mini-disaster at their house three weeks ago. They were away for a long weekend and came home to find a pipe had broken in the bathroom, which resulted in a pretty tremendous mess. The bathroom was a total loss, and the basement...well everything in it was thrown away...including the furnace, washer, and dryer. Due to the extent of the damage they are unable to stay at the house, and are (wait for it)

Living with me and Hubby!

Haha! I know that sounds like some people's version of hell on earth, but for me this has actually been really fun! I love drinking coffee with my mom in the mornings. I love coming home late from work to the smell of her potato soup (that only tastes right when SHE makes it), I love that someone else will empty the dishwasher, and mostly I love the fact that I'm lucky enough to still have both my parents and am able to let them shack up with me. So far the only downsides are: No naked house walking, toilet seats being left up (cut that out, Mom!) and staying up too late because we talk too much. Not bad at all, I'd say.

Work. This place is crazy busy!! We are at the highest occupancy we have ever been and people are calling and stopping by nearly every day for information and tours. It's amazing and I love it, but I've worked waaaaaay too many hours lately. Which is why I'm not going to feel bad about being away for ten days while I'm in Zurich.

Yup, that says ZURICH! WHEEEEEE! I'm going to Switzerland!!! I've been invited to attend an International Symposium on Validation Therapy for people with Alzheimer's. This is an incredible opportunity to meet some world re-knowned people in my industry. Actually, this is such an incredible opportunity that I don't even have my head all the way around it yet. It's unbelievable.

Again, like a dream. Sometimes, when you're busy minding your own business and taking care of your old people, something really great happens. According to Gladys, anyway. :)