Wednesday, July 8, 2009

She keeps talking and talking and talking...

Little Miss Chatterbox, all 4’6” of her, is walking around wearing a long white lab coat. By long I mean it touches her ankles. She looks ridiculous…and where on earth she came up with a lab coat to wear, I’ll never know! (All I could do was shake my head and wonder for about the millionth time already this week "what the hell?" It's unbelievable how many times that phrase echoes through my mind on any given day at Rock Ridge!)

Anyway, nothing gets by Gladys. She made some comment to Little Miss Chatterbox, and although I couldn't hear what she said, apparently it referenced the lab coat. So now, all I can hear is the low whine of Little Miss Chatterbox’s grating voice buzzing outside my office. “Well, sure it’s bright and white. Anything can be if you wash it right. No one does laundry right anymore, that’s the trouble. People just buy new clothes because they don’t know how to do the washing, well I say that’s a shame. I only have what I have and nothing more, and I don’t need anymore because I know how to do the washing. My daughter says I need some new clothes but I say what’s the use in that as long as I can take care of what I have and taking care of it means knowing how to do the wash. I’ve had this blouse since 1979 and it still looks brand new and that’s because I take care of what I have.” I've said it before, but this woman’s oratory capability is absolutely astounding. All that in about five seconds and without taking a breath…and she’s still droning on.

How I wish Gladys could remember my advice to never, ever, ever initiate a conversation with LMC! Damn Alzheimer's.


Diana said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall over at the "Ridge"!
I love these stories-how can you not love old people!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Not me, Diana! I'd rather have the stories filtered through the medium of lil sis! Because I think LMC would cause me to COMMIT MURTHER if I actually had to deal with her face-to-face!

Tho I'd lurve to meet Gladys.

Sarah said...

So, she's wearing a blouse from the 70s under her lab coat? At least you know she's not naked with a coat on!

My granny got moved to the lockdown corridor for the Alzheimer's patience. Sad day for our family.

P.O.M. said...

Oh jeeeeez
I couldn't talk that much if I tried. Although I do get a little chatty after too much wine (or martinis).