Saturday, June 6, 2009

(Hubby's) Race Report

I only have one negative thing to say about today, so I'll just get it out of the way first. 6am is mighty early for a race to start! It's not often I see 4am on the alarm clock. I have no idea how people get up that dang early every day. It's inhuman.

With that being said....

Today has been a great day! We stayed in South Bend last night (because of the heinous start time) and what do you suppose happened first thing this morning as we were leaving the hotel? We ran into Laura at Absolut(ly) Fit. It was almost surreal, as I had just been telling Hubby that she was running today and he asked me if I knew what she looked like. I told him that I thought she would have on a Marathon Maniac shirt and probably a running skirt based on photos of previous races I've seen on her blog. Just a handful of minutes later, Hubby saw a girl standing at the counter of the hotel wearing the described outfit. He's sharp, that one. It was her alright, and she is as adorable in person as she is in her pictures! We introduced ourselves, I wished her luck and we were off to the start.

Hubby was more nervous than I've seen him for quite sometime. He tied his shoes seven times! I was worried he would start out too fast due to the pent-up energy and anxiety but once he lined up at the start he seemed to relax, even if just a little. I waited for the gun to go off so I could start my watch, then took off in the car for Notre Dame Stadium, where the finish line is. I met up with my running partner at the stadium and we took off on our bikes.

The marathon course was great for spectating from a bike. We were able to see him at several places and were thrilled every time to see him on pace for his desired finish. At the 15 mile mark the course made a loop, so that the 20ish mile mark was in the same place. We decided to hang out there until Hubby came back, and were able to see some other runners we knew, including Laura. I hope she had a good race...she sure looked strong at the 15 mile mark and with no signs of passing out!

When Hubby passed us again, he was still right on pace. Yay! We rode our bikes ahead and waited for him at mile 25. He had slowed a little, but still looked as good as anyone can after running 25 miles. Feeling quite sure there was no way he couldn't qualify at this point, we took off for the finish line....but he beat us there! I easily found him (he's taller than most runners, so he's pretty easy to spot in a crowd) and to say he was happy is probably an understatement! Not only did he qualify, but he did it with 18 or so minutes to spare. Just to be safe, I guess. :)

We're home now. Hubby is happy, we're going back to Boston, and all is well. (Moe! We have another AE meeting at the Lenox next April!) Now I have to go run because I have no other time to fit it in this weekend. So I'm wondering? Since I rode my bike all over the marathon course this morning, and I'm running this evening....does that mean I'm doing my first brick?!?


Diana said...

Congrats on the hubby's qualifying...glad all the good vibes worked, not to mention HIS hard work!
Sounds like a brick to me!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I agree - that's a brick, sister!

Some of us get up at 4 a.m. because that's when our bodies tell us to. Plus it's the only time I can be alone to get things done.

Still, i rather sleep till 6 some days instead, but I can't!

CONGRATS to Hubby!

My word verification: "runno"

Carolina John said...

Brick it baby! and good job to the hubs.