Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Update

I ran another 5K yesterday. It was a race put on by a local hospital where my sister-in-law works and she was the head of the planning committee. We wanted to be there to support her, so Hubby even pulled out a pretty quick race although he ran Boston five days ago! I didn't run as fast as I did last weekend, mainly because my nieces were running and one of them was having a little trouble. She went out too fast, so when I caught her she was holding her side and not feeling so hot. I stuck with her trying to help her through the side stitch. Running with her made the race that much more fun, as I don't often have the opportunity to run with my 17-year old niece. Later, I was thinking that I should have just run my race because I started out thinking it would be easy to get another PR since it was such a small race (how fun would that have been to post two PRs in two weeks?) But...who cares? My niece will be going to college before I know it, and she is definitely one of my lights. What could have been more important at that moment than running with her? Nothing, and I loved every 29 minutes and 30 seconds of it.

Today I went 10.2. Notice I didn't say today I "ran" 10.2, simply because I was a BIG WEINER and had to walk. It was so hot that at one point I thought it was raining because I felt raindrops on my arms only to realize it was the sweat dripping off my head. It also didn't help that I worked in the garden all day yesterday and my glutes were killing me from all the squatting, my mental focus was terrible, and after about three miles I realized this was the third day in the row I was running and I never run three days in a row. Lots of mental chatter and bad self talk ensued. I believe this is officially the worst run I've ever had. Period.

Next Saturday is the One America Mini Marathon, where I ran a half-marathon PR last year (which I ended up besting three weeks later at Notre Dame). Obviously I would love to PR again, but after today's run who knows. It all comes down to how you feel on that day. Hopefully I'll feel fast!


Diana said...

Not every run is our best run, the fact is that we just go out there and still do it-nice job, I would love that time for a 5K!

Carolina John said...

at least you took off with a bang! sounds like a fun 5k with your friend, and sometimes we all have to go through a tough 10 miler.

Amy - the gazelle said...

My 12 yesterday also involved some walking (and would've been 13ish if I hadn't walked a bit during) happens.

That's awesome that you got a chance to run with your niece - those really are great opportunities to take advantage of.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

It all comes down to how you feel on that day ...

And the weather! Because if it's like 90 degrees and humid that day and you STILL PR, you're officially a goddess!

But here's hoping it's 65 and with just enough cloud covering to keep the sun from being a problem.

I never run two days in a row, much less three. But don't take my advice because MY 5k time this weekend was 30:10!


O, well - it was for the kids!

carrie said...

G - Your 5K wasn't really a 5K, so you still kicked my butt! Pfffttt

I Run for Fun said...

Sounds like you had a fun race and bonded with your niece. Awesome!