Monday, April 13, 2009


Today I went to viewing #3. The son of the deceased is the tummy toucher, and when I spoke to him he never made eye contact with me....because he kept looking at what appeared to be my chest region. I thought he was looking at the ugly red chafe mark I got from my running bra during my 15-miler, but Assistant says not so much. What the heck is that?!? Besides creepy, weird, and inappropriate?? People are so weird.

Anyway! I'm glad the viewings and general sadness are over. I'm looking forward to a much better week....which includes leaving for Boston on Friday. YAY! Hubby ran his last long one on Saturday, so besides his normal Boston Marathon jitters that he gets this time every year, he's ready. (Speaking of Hubby....I got mail today in his name but with my office address. How bizarre.) The weather for marathon day is supposed to be decent, but it looks like rain the day of the 5K. Oh well, I don't care if it's pouring. I'm running a 5K PR across the Boston Marathon finish line! (I'm hearing Big & Rich saying "can I get an Amen-ah")

Some Resident Nuggets:
*Gladys had a birthday. When I told her happy birthday she said she couldn't believe she was 92 and I couldn't believe she remembered she was 92! She looks incredible for her age and I told her so. She said she figures she looks young because she always stayed active. "What did you do?" I asked, thinking how cool it would be to find out she had been a runner. With that ever-present twinkle in her eye and an even voice, Gladys replied "Oh, the normal. You know, beating the tar out of boys."

*WorkerBee made Pearl's bed for her and found a hammer under the pillow. (now I'm hearing the Beatles ... "Bang, Bang, Pearl's silver hammer came down upon her head....")

*Apparently Mr.-Reminds-Me-of-a-Tim-Conway-Character, who moved in last Friday, was finding it difficult to access his mail box. All I overheard was "how in the hell does this son-of-a-bitchin' thing work?"

Nothing makes me laugh like a 90-year old with a potty mouth.


Amy - the gazelle said...

I'm a little afraid that Pearl has a hammer under her pillow....but I LOVE the way Gladys stays young. May have to try a bit more of that myself.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Teh 'Bride loves it, too, whenever the AARPs get all potty-mouthed. I think she's heard Teh HeisenDad curse maybe twice and each time it reduced her to a fit of giggles she couldn't stop for minutes.

Diana said...

I so love old people and taking care of them!

Jennifer Burgett said...

Again, Gladys cracks me up!

Alisa said...

You get that 5k PR.

Your residents are a riot.

Erik said...

Pearl with a hammer.... Nice!! For everyone that is not there anyway...

I so can't wait to hear about this 5k, that would be so awesome to cross 'that' finish line.

Finish hard!!


Sarah said...

I am SO behind! I wish I had known that Gladys comment all week. Hilarious!