Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's Funny & Foto

Harriet, a 92-year old regal sweetie just came into the office toting a pair of slippers. "I want you to look at these, " she says as she drops the pair of navy blue LovePats on my desk. "Look at the bottoms! See those holes?"

I look at the slippers. On the bottom of both, near where a big toe would reside should there be feet in them, were a tiny, perfectly round hole. The holes are identical, and in the exact same place on both slippers.

"Well, that's strange," I reply, kind of wondering how looking at the bottom of a pair of worn out slippers would look spelled out in my job description. By then, Assistant has stopped by and joined the slipper fete unfolding in my office. Harriet excitedly shows her the slippers. "What do you think could cause that?" she asked. Assistant launches into an elaborate theory about aliens abducting Harriet's slippers while she sleeps and wearing them as earrings. Assistant demonstrates by holding them up to her ears (I can't imagine what anyone who just happened by and looked in might think.....)

Harriet doesn't think this is the right explanation, so Assistant then offers the suggestion that the holes simply represent that Harriet is Holy. This really makes her laugh, but no...that isn't it either.

Since I'm the dubious big cheese around here I guess I'm supposed to know the answers to everything, including how holes get into slippers, so Harriet says "Carrie, how did these get here?" The best I can come up with is "Harrrrrrriet, have you been playing footsie with someone?" To which she replies, "My God, I wish!"

These people make me laugh so hard.

Moving on! Adventure Seeker (whom I'm found only through another fun running blogger, Sarah) says it is thank goodness it's friday photo day.

Hubby and I took an Alaskan conservation cruise on a small boat last fall. It was awesome, and I hope to do it again some day.


Amy - the gazelle said...

That is a great story! I hope you can figure out the source of the mysterious holes. :)

Sarah said...

Please let me be playing footsie when I'm old and crazy.

Amy said...

We should really hook Harriet up with Bill--although, I think he might be looking for a younger, more Jennifer Aniston type :o)

HC said... and Assistant should take your act on the road -- y'all are funny! :)