Thursday, November 20, 2008

Always Interesting

This reminds me of one of Shakespeare's comedies. You know, when everyone thinks they know what is really going on, but in reality no one does? It's so damn confusing I can't even figure out how to post about it, but I'm going to give it a shot...

Phone rings. "Thank you for calling Rock Ridge, how can I help you?" It's the police. It isn't often the police call here. This can't be good.

"Do you have a resident named Mr. First and Last Name?" Yes. Yes we do.

"We have his wife down here at the station and she claims he is missing. Apparently he was in the car and when she came out of the store he was gone." Aha.

I didn't know this during the first conversation with the police officer (yes, there was more than one), but at this point, the police think the wife has dementia (not true) and they don't believe she really has a husband, which is why they called here. After I tell them the supposed missing person actually does exist, they then theorize that he wasn't even with her and she just forgot that she left him at home. The police wanted me to see if I could find him here.

He's not here.

Imagine much confusion and chaos before I finally figure out they think Wife is crackers. We clear that up. Husband is found. All is well. Almost.

Wife had gone into the store and left Husband in the car. While Wife was in the store, Husband decided he needed a bathroom. Immediately. So he went into a nearby office building to find one. Which is where he was while Wife frantically searched for him. Husband and Wife are finally reunited at the police station and the confusion unfolds. The police do not understand Husband and Wife. Husband and Wife don't understand the police. The only thing apparent to everyone: Husband didn't make it to the bathroom in time. We're talking number two here, folks. (thankfully I wasn't there to witness this...I was just lucky enough to be enlightened by all parties after the dust settled. oh how i love this place.)


Sarah said...

oh my gosh. That's actually sad.

carrie said...

I know. So many things here are. That's why I have to try and find the humor in things or else I probably couldn't work heart is too mushy. :)

P.O.M. said...

You are definately good at finding the humor in things.