Monday, October 13, 2008

Shit Happens

Today's theme: Shit.

First Event: Apparently for supper one night we are having shit cupcakes for dessert. At least that is what the weekly menu newsletter says. I guess we're really having white cupcakes, although that clearly isn't what the menu says. (How does someone make a typo like that?!)
I expected the residents to storm my office and demand an explanation (especially Righteous Resident. A REAL cuss word! Gasp!). They surprised me, however. When questioned if they noticed the typo, one resident responded with "We were just going to order them." Hee.

Second Event: Sweet Resident, the nicest and kindest person you could ever meet (and wouldn't say that word if she had a mouthful), said it wasn't such a great day when I asked her how it was going. "Why?" I asked. "Because it started with me shitting in my pants," she replied. While not seemingly funny to those of us who use the word shit on a regular basis, from this Sweetie Pie it was absolutely hilarious. (After I picked my jaw up off the floor!)

Third Event: Some guy called to ask if we had any job openings. The conversation:

Phone Guy: "Yeah, I was wondering if you had any open jobs and shit?"

WorkerBee: "Nothing is currently posted, buy you are welcome to come fill out an application anytime and we'll keep it on file."

Phone Guy: "Ok, well I need to because I've got to find a job and shit. You know, soon and shit."

WorkerBee: "Uh huh."

Phone Guy: "I work construction and shit, but with winter coming there won't be as much work and shit. So I'm just calling places looking for a job and shit."

What is that?!? I mean, besides weirdly funny. And shit.


HC said... The guy on the phone is on craaaaack. :)

carrie said...

I KNOW!!! I've been saying it all day because it's so incredible that someone really talks like that!

Unknown said...

well, based on the first two instances, it might be the right place for him to work. ;)