Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Hate Cheap

Well, the mystery is solved. I don't like being Nancy Drew nearly as much as I always dreamed I would...but then of course her mysteries always had something really cool like an old clock or a hidden stairway. My mystery had missing snacks and cups.

Yes, cups. An entire sleeve of styrofoam cups went missing yesterday afternoon, too. And then later in the day, I noticed several unusual cars in the parking lot. Further investigation led me to find that a resident was having her bridge club over to play cards.

Some background: This particular resident redefines the word cheap. Ever since moving in, she and her husband are constantly trying to get something for nothing, like free meals for their guests. They actually were taking our newspaper every day so they wouldn't have to pay for their own subscription. They wanted us to pay for their moving fees. And on and on and on. So these people are the cheapest of cheap. The kind that takes all the pennies out of the "have-a-penny-leave-a-penny" dish at gas stations and goes through the dumpster behind grocery stores to get the expired food. That kind of cheap.

I began to hypothesize. Cheap Resident knew bridge club was coming over. She needed to provide what to her guests? SNACKS!! And....DRINKS! I'm sure she thought she really scored when she found the sleeve of styrofoam cups so that she wouldn't even have wash any glasses.

So, last night I tell Hubby my theory. He, being the voice of reason he is, reminds me that I can't really blame Cheap Resident without a witness or proof.

Proof? Incredibly, I was invited into Cheap Resident's home just this morning because the husband had fallen and needed help getting up. To try and avoid noticing he was wearing nothing but too loose tidy whities, I diverted my gaze elsewhere. And just what do you suppose I saw on the kitchen island?

I hate cheap.


HC said...

Yep, it seems like a lot of people who are loaded are the stingiest. I guess that's how they hoard all their dubloons.

Unknown said...

good that you figured out the riddle, but a bummer it couldn't have been more intriguing. i was really hoping that all the snacks would turn up in gladys purse.

carrie said...

Haley...stingy is such an applicable word in this case. I'm all about saving money and being frugal, but cheap just sucks!

Jeff...Gladys was actually my first theory!! Tha'ts funny. I was looking for a little more intrigue, myself. Darn the cheapskates.