Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's True

You really do learn something new every day.

An 80-something year old man at the New Place just said his wife needed an appointment to see the "wig picker."  HUH?

Apparently he was referring to one of our staff doctors, as a quick google search showed me that "wig picker" is a slang term used in reference to a psychiatrist or psychologist. How is it possible I've never heard this??

Wig picker!!! HAHAHAHA! I am laughing even as I type it.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wig-picker is a new one on me, and I'm used to hearing Teh 'Dad toss some Depression-era slang and idioms around. But I don't remember his ever using that particular one. I'll run it by him this weekend when I see him - see if he knows what it means.

Actually, sister, re: you comment on my blog: I would not at all mind picking your brains re: dealing with Dad and this latest family situation. So I'll include my e-mail address in a separate comment so you can just delete it after you get the address.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Never heard it, either. I hope you've got a file somewhere with all these. I must start using that one.
My poor husband. He'll think I'm making bald jokes.

Diana said...

All my years in health field and I've never heard it either!!

Gotta love the oldies!

Carolina John said...

That is pretty good, I've never seen that one either.

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SteveQ said...

As soon as you explained it, I thought just maybe I'd heard it before - which might just mean I like it.

RE: Grandma's. I'm about 2.5 hours away.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I am signed up for our Sept. date!!

SteveQ said...

Hey, I made your blogroll. Kalloo, kallay!

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Miss you.