Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Because I have descended from a long line of Irish/Italian Catholic guilt, and I don't want to feel guilty about my big bro worrying about me, here's a a quick and generic post. I'm here and well. Except for a bad case of bronchitis, compliments of sharing airspace with 200 hacking, sniffling, sneezing people on the way home from Zurich.

The experience in Switzerland was incredible. I have much to write about, but first I must uncover my desk from ten days worth of neglect.

I will be back. Tschuss!


Amy - the gazelle said...

I was just thinking about you! Glad you're back. I can't wait to hear about Switzerland.

Unknown said...


i kept eyeing your feed, waiting, with bated breath, for the return post.

Carolina John said...

hang in there chicken! can't wait to hear about the trip.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

jiif means baited breath because he's a freak and he eats worms.

Welcome back and thanks for the shoutout and the rest of you who didn't get one can EAT IT LIKE A WORM!1!

Especially jiif.

carrie said...

Oh how I've missed you guys!