Thursday, July 23, 2009

From one circus to another...

The thought has occurred to me before that being at Rock Ridge has great similarities to the circus, so I'm not feeling sad about Circus Week ending. For me it seems to have continued right on into this week, which has been insanely busy. Or just insane. That would be an apt description as well.

I have spent most days this week avoiding Little Miss Chatterbox, whose daughter apparently told her she had dementia. So now LMC wants to remove said daughter as her POA and also wants to talk and talk and talk and talk some more about it. (Random question: Does anyone think it’s a good idea to tell someone with dementia that they have dementia? In case you aren’t sure…the answer is no. As in NO WAY.) I’ve never bitch-slapped anyone, well I don’t even really know what a bitch-slap is, but if I did and I was going to….I would bitch-slap Little Miss Chatterbox’s daughter.

I've also spent a good amount of time reassuring Gladys that I'm going to kick some Naomi ass because that dead bag keeps stealing her stuff. It makes Gladys giggle when I tell her I’m going to beat up Naomi, and she giggles even harder when I show her my guns. Even when she has told me a million times in one day that Naomi stole all of her makeup, I love her like crazy.

Tomorrow I’m going to Boston, for what I'm guessing will be another circus-similar experience. I have a family reunion this weekend. I’m sure I’ll have a story. Or four.

Happy Weekending!


Diana said...

Have fun with the family!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I would bitch-slap Little Miss Chatterbox’s daughter


B*tch-slapping is easy, lil sis: All's it takes is a b*tch and a slap and it sounds to me like you're fully stocked and ready to go!


Get Gladys to be your second ... in case you get winded.

Carolina John said...

be safe going to boston. that should be a fun time indeed.

a bitch slap is an open handed hit to the face. if you hit neck, forehead, or use the back of your hand it doesn't count. but those are still acceptable ways to hit glaven.

Sarah said...

Definitely hit the daughter.