Monday, June 15, 2009

View from the Ridge

Friday afternoon I decided to take The Boss to lunch "in town." The Boss pointed out "in town" sounds kinda funny considering Rock Ridge is only a mile away from "in town," and "in town" consists of two decent places to eat, a bunch of used car lots, several bars, lots of churches, and one tattoo parlor. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little and "in town" isn't really that bad, but The Boss lives in a town of 100,000 compared to our roughly 13,000 (of which an enviable number attend "church" at the aforementioned bars), so I think it's safe to assume a slight cultural difference and fully give her permission to laugh heartily at my suggestion to eat lunch "in town."

With that conversation behind us, it is determined that I will drive her car. As I begin to pull out of the long drive, The Boss gasps. Not knowing the cause of her alarm, I hit the brakes thinking I have hit something and already starting to berate myself for agreeing to drive The Boss' car in the first place. As the car comes to a stop, The Boss breathlessly exclaims "Is that woman topless?"

I look out the car window. There in her yard sits Mrs. Sunbather. She does indeed appear to be topless. We've taken Old Lady Sunbathing to a whole new level here at the Ridge.

So....this morning, Mrs. Sunbather's neighbor came into the office and requested permission to erect a piece of lattice on the end of her porch....because she "needs to do something about the view."

Let the work week begin.

(Which, by the way, is a short work week because I happen to be running a marathon in five days!!!!)


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


What a way to start my workday today! I need to find me some Senior Citizen "A" to go with this Senior Citizen "T" you've given me!

(I'll supply my own "and".)

What a great Carny Life you lead, little sis!

Diana said...

I'd love to sunbath topless, however, every time I do, I keep tripping over the boobs! Damn old age and gravity!

Carolina John said...

haha, that's classic! she keeps finding ways to make this storyline better! needs to do something about the view indeed.

good luck at your marathon in 5 days. i'm recovering nicely from mine on saturday. i feel like it's an elite club of idiots, us marathoners.

Unknown said...

LOL about the sunbather.

Sarah said...

If I end up in a home someday - I want to be the scandalous one. That's my new goal.