Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running Review

I hope I don't jinx anything by saying it appears the dreaded treadmill season is over! Thank goodness, as I was starting to have doubts about running a spring marathon. Anyway, it was 65 glorious degrees here today...perfect for a 10.2 mile run. I also did 6.8 on Tuesday and a quick 2.2 speed/hill work out on Thursday. Not quite 20 miles this week, but that's ok since I'm racing a half next weekend.

My pace this week consistently hovered between 10:40 and 11 minute miles. I'm always a slow runner, but usually not quite that slow. I'm not sure what that is...maybe just getting used to being outside again? I'm also struggling with a tight IT band. Again. That's such a bummer, because I felt certain taking two months off after the Portland Marathon would help straighten that sucker out. I guess maybe I should have kept going to yoga, or at least been a good stretcher at home (I wasn't.)

That's the update from here!


Sarah said...

Fantastic!! I'm so happy that the weather is getting nicer! It seems that the cherry blossoms all came out yesterday! YIPPEE!!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yeah, it's getting nice here, but I'm still at the point where if I manage an 8 mile run I feel it should make the headlines of our local rag.

In my defense, the current headline in my local rag is about a truck running into a porch in one of my county's towns. I could do that, too, so pardon ME for trying to get into the paper doing something non-destructive, like running 8 miles.

Next time, I'm TOTALLY plowing my 4x4 into a porch.

Alisa said...

That's still a great run! The speed will come back. Sometimes it's hard from going inside to outside again. The 'mill sets the pace for you...I know sometimes I have a hard time finding a groove once inawhile outside.

Yay for Spring.

brenda said...

It's never the same running on a treadmill as on the road since you're not moving your body on the treadmill. Kind of a false sense of achievement. Look into for help with that IT band issue. Chirunning gave me my running life back. I seriously wouldn't be running at all without it.

chia said...

Funny thing is, I was going to recommend the warmups I learned during a ChiRunning workshop I went to last year in Chicago. The jerk coach guy (hated him) had us all start out with dynamic stretching excercises that really seemed to get everything lined up just right for a run. Drop me an e-mail sometime if you want me to write them all out.