Saturday, January 10, 2009

In the Long Run

I'm late to Thank Goodness It's Friday Photo day. What a week. Rest assured when I have more time you'll be hearing all about the happy things that went down at Rock Ridge. But for now! I decided any weekend posts would NOT be about work (I love them all dearly, but I really need the weekend break). is my late photo, along with my weekend confessional.

The picture is Hubby getting ready to board the bus for Hopkinton last April. The amazing thing about this picture and that particular Boston Marathon: Hubby had shingles. Bad. And he ran a freaking marathon. And finished with his second best Boston time ever. He is an animal.

Confessional: The weather here has sucked all week which equates to no outdoor running. The other thing that sucks is me on a treadmill. On Monday before the weather turned, I logged one quality three-mile run(36 degrees and sunny). The rest of the week included two pathetic attempts at treadmill running. Score: Treadmill, 2. Me, 0.

It might be a long winter.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Don't be afraid to fight dirty with the treadmill. At 2 to 0, you're down, but not out. If you're Irish, like that banner over your head in the picture on your blog implies, then you are, I know, My Hibernian Sister, familiar with the kidney punch, the knee to the groin and other dirty tricks. It's What We Irish Are (In)Famous For.

Plus, when you find yourself staring at a recalcitrant treadmill, ask yourself WWGD: "What Would Gladys Do?" I think you know the answer. It would involve some bashing and smashing, I'd bet.

Before you know it ... Treadmill: 2, You: 10,000 - which could happen if you cheat at keeping score, too. Which I heartily recommend.

Your husband is beyond an animal if he ran a marathon with shingles. I bet he's Irish.

carrie said...

Ok, ok. Thanks for the pep talk. I'll cheat next week.

Hubby *thinks* he's Irish, but I like to tell him he's really a Brit, unlike MOI...who's Hibernian ancestry can be traced back to the potato famine. And I never really understood the use of "Hibernian"...why use a Roman word anyway?

carrie said...

Damn I hate grammatical errors. WHOSE.