Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trees & Tummies

Is it really Wednesday!? Good grief. Lots happening here this week...

We've decked the halls. This was supposed to be a joint effort, but all residents decided to sit and VERBALLY help the poor girl putting the Christmas tree up. She only had one mini-meltdown after she was forced to remove every single ornament because the residents insisted the beads had to go on first. It is finally done, and it looks beautiful. And so do all the multi-colored cookie sprinkles ground into the carpet everywhere. This is a lot like kindergarten sometimes.
I decided to maximize my time by running on the treadmill in our Fitness Room. I usually avoid this because if anyone knows I'm here, they will come and "keep me company" while I run. First of all, I absolutely HATE the treadmill. Second, I cannot talk while running on it. Third, one reason I run is to get away from all these people anyway (and I mean this with much love!) SO.... I snuck to the Fitness Room and didn't tell anyone. I closed the door and cranked up the treadmill to a smokin' 10-minute per mile pace. It was wicked hot in there, even with the fan. (This is an assisted living's hot in here even if you're just sitting. In a bathing suit. Eating ice cubes.) I was sweating buckets, so I took off my shirt and just ran in my bra. This was fine because the door was closed and no one knew where I was, right? Yeah. Until the well-dressed son of a resident decided to come find me so he could give me a rent check. Quick quiz:

This experience:
a) Scared the multi-colored sprinkles out of me because I wasn't even remotely expecting to see a nicely dressed younger-than-90 man just walk into the fitness room without even making a sound of warning.

b) Caused a near carrie-treadmill disaster.

c) Made me feel extremely self conscious because he was looking at my belly which was probably looking quite flabby and bouncy as I pounded out those ultra fast ten minute miles.

d) Ticked me off when he thought he was being cute or clever and said something like "is that all the faster you can go?"

e) All of the above

If you answered "E," you get 100 points today. And in case you wondered, most people just put their damn checks on my desk. They don't go down a flight of stairs and open a closed door to see if they can catch the sweating director running in her bra. Oh! And it was AFTER normal office hours, too.
And speaking of bellies.....I had a meeting with the son of a different resident yesterday. We were standing near the door of my office, and as he started to leave he turned back to tell me something. And as he did....he touched me on the tummy! WHAT? IS? THAT?

People are so weird.


Marna said...

Oh man, another great story. The tummy is definitely in the "bad touch" zone! Did you touch his tummy, too?! he he

P.O.M. said...

I hate when people (especially strangers) violate my personal space. Creepy Creeperson.

Sarah said...

I've seen you in real life - you don't have a flabby tummy. Take it back :) Thay's why people want to touch it! Even when it's super unacceptable.