Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waxing Philosophical

This place is insanely busy and I'm frazzled. The phone rang no less than 589 times today. No fewer than 37 people barged into my office needing something right away. I have at least 54 projects all in semi-states of completion. Oh, and I'm leaving for Portland on Thursday.

So, finding myself at the point where tolerating any further human contact might cause someone actual injury, I closed my door for a little while to work on the October newsletter. (What?? Today is the last day of September?? ALREADY?) I sat down to write the normal age-appropriate articles, like how to dispose of old medications and who has Depends on sale. Instead, after about twenty minutes I looked at my computer screen and it said this:

I love autumn in the Midwest. The colors are beautiful, the nights are cool, and everything smells good. Another thing I love about autumn is marathon season! For the past three years, Assistant and I have ran a fall marathon. This year, we ran the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio. We both heartily agree it was the hardest marathon (actually, the hardest anything!) either of us has ever experienced.
After months of preparation and expending vast amounts of energy—physical, mental, and emotional—I’ve decided there is obviously something about running 26.2 miles that reveals a metaphor for life. It’s long. It’s grueling. It hurts. Sometimes it’s really, really hard. As in life, you’re surrounded by a lot of people focusing on the same goal, and as the miles drag out you realize you have the choice of giving up or pushing on -- usually at a time when neither option sounds all that good. The pay-off for pushing on, though, is unbelievable. It is a huge thrill topped of with a great sense of achievement. Again, as in life.

The last six miles of that marathon were unbelievably hard, but there were hundreds of people around us to help us through, cheering us on with their kind words. We all need encouragement, and by surrounding ourselves with those who support us and push us toward our dreams, we’ll all get the medal at the end of the race.

I love learning opportunities, but today I think I actually got one from myself. Forget frazzled and stressed and not having enough hours in the day. It's ok to slow down a bit. As long as I keep going, I'll still get the medal.

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P.O.M. said...

Wow, we are in the same boat! I just need to get out of this office so I can focus on the good stuff - like the MARATHON!!!
Hopefully we will see ya for drinks. If not, look for me at the Expo. Going in the afternoon, I think.