Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Importance of being Prompt

I just breezed through the lobby and noticed a grumpy-looking resident.

"Good morning, Virginia!" says I.

Virginia responds with a short gutteral sound.

"What's wrong?" I query.

"My ride is three minutes late. She was supposed to be here at 9:10, and it's 9:13." She taps her watch. Looks completely put out.

"Isn't this her driving in now?" I ask.

"Yes, but that is so unlike her to be late. I've been waiting. I wonder why she is late. It's 9:13!" This woman is completely agitated.

I could say several things, but...Seriously!?! Three freaking minutes? And, yes, this is enough to have ruined Virginia's entire day. Wow.

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