Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Freddie's daughter picked him up for a doctor's appointment a little bit ago. As they were preparing to leave, the daughter (who treats 97-year-old Freddie way too much like a child, in my opinion) asked him if he should wear a brief. "We have a half-hour car ride, Daddy. What if you have an accident?"

In a tone that I surmise is caused by the exhaustion that accompanies years of being babied by the daughter, Freddie replied: "Well, then you can roll down the window, plug your nose, and I'll stick my ass out the window."

I love old people.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I love old people.

O, sure, but if I were to stick my @$$ out the window, you'd think I was immature, wouldn't you?

That's why I always stick my n*ts@ck out the window. And also why I never wear briefs, officer.

carrie said...

Since I started working at the Ridge my standards of what is "old" has changed drastically. In order to be old in my book you must be at least ninety. Therefore, you, Big Bro, do not qualify. We will have to reclassify you and your n*ts@ck..perhaps with "dirty old" or "creepy old," both terms I believe I have seen you refer to yourself as?

BTW, the dago jokes? Usually so unexpected they never fail to make me laugh!

Tyger Lily said...



Diana said...

Love them there old people!

Carolina John said...

haha, oh that's classic.