Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Gladys told me that she thinks Joseph is "failing."

"Why do you think that, Gladys?"

"Because he is really confused today. Do you think he could have Alzheimer's* or something?" she asked. Gladys is so damn cute it hurts. I hope someday, if the plaques and tangles attack my brain, that I am just like her.

*Gladys has a confirmed diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. She is the one and only reason I might wish to be 18 again...simply because this time around I wouldn't mess with the Journalism, er, I mean English, oh wait, I mean Speech Communication majors. Instead, I would study brain science. Alzheimer's is equally fascinating and frightening...and it is incredible to witness how the disease manifests in people with different personality types.


I finally ran.

It hurt.

How can someone who just ran a marathon six weeks ago already be so out of shape?


Unknown said...


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Amy - the gazelle said...

my grandfather is currently suffering from (well, he's not suffering, but my grandma sure is) Alzheimer's. It's sad, but sweet at the same time. He keeps flirting with my grandma - he sees both of them as they were over 65 years ago. It embarrasses the crap out of her, but it's so, so sweet to see how much he loved her/still loves her.

Sorry the run was so painful! It will get better soon.

Ang said...

I can relate to the wanting to study brain science. I've thought that many times with my sister-in-law's Huntington's Disease. It's like Alzheimer's, MS, and Parkinson's all in one...and yet still unique.

Runner Tammy said...

My husband has been a statistician in the neurology field for about 10 years and sadly the research so far has not pinpointed a specific cause or solution to alzheimers. I always just hope I quickly go to the trail in the sky perhaps during an ultramarathon (preferably after I recieve my finishers medal)

As for being out of shape after 6 weeks, I think you are still in shape; but your legs might just be a little stiff from lack of running. I bet in a few days you are back to "normal". In fact after a few events I have taken off more than 6 weeks and after a few days of running I even have some pep in my step.

Good luck!

Diana said...

I love "Gladys" stories!
With being off of running from the stress fractures for the last 4 months, I've felt the running is really hard-tough to fall out of shape so fast even while still killing myself with other workout stuff!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You finally ran?

There's a good little dago!

ZOMG, I can't believe I actually typed that, little sis! If only there were a way to UNtype it before I publish this comment, but no such technology exists, because if it did, I'd surely have heard of it ... and I haven't.

Teh 'Dad is 87 and his short-term memory is now pretty spotty, but he doesn't have Alzheimer's. Which we're grateful for, because HIS Dad - my Grandfather - became what the used to call "senile" relatively early on and I was always worried Teh 'Dad would, too

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I forgot to add:

DSL, B*TCHES!1! (<-- My New Sign-off!)

Because I'm celebrating my entry into broadband at home; which, when I put it THAT way sounds kinda dirty. But really not nearly as bad as the unforgivable "dago" comment somebody made above.

How could you allow that comment, Lil Sis?

Carolina John said...

six weeks ago sister? no running for six weeks will slow down anyone. but muscle memory is long term, you'll get fast and fun again quickly.

P.O.M. said...

I haven't been running much either. The fat is lurking...I can feel it.