Monday, December 15, 2008

Manic Monday

The ambulance was here when I got to work this morning. The resident, who just KNEW she had a blood clot and insisted the ambulance be called, came back with a brace and the diagnosis of tendonitis.
Garnet accused a WorkerBee of stealing her mirror and "pick comb." She was ugly about it. She yelled at me when I suggested perhaps it wasn't stolen, just misplaced. Then I found the mirror and "pick comb" on the counter of her guest bathroom. Of course she has no idea how it got there...and no apologies were offered.
I mixed up the meaning of the word "lavatory." I've worked here long enough to know that a lavatory is a bathroom sink (and a davenport is a sofa...I've learned lots of interesting vocabulary at this job). Why then, this morning did I think lavatory meant toilet? It turned out to be a very embarrasing conversation.
WorkerBee caught Cheap Resident pocketing a salt shaker. (These people remind me of the Thenardier's from Les Mis, when they attend Marius and Cosette's wedding and sing Beggars at the Feast. You can clean up the people and put them in a nice place, but at heart they are what they are. Which in this case, is CHEAP.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Now that song is stuck in my head! AND I want to see Les Mis again.

Perhaps they're not cheap, but just kleptomaniacs!

P.O.M. said...

I thought lavatory was a toilet too.

carrie said...

T: I don't know what they are besides frustrating!

POM: When I first started working here, I thought it was, too. Until one morning a resident was talking about taking a bath in the lavatory....

Sarah said...

That is a day! My grandma used the word "duvan" for a couch. OK?