Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today's Excitement

There are lots of reasons that I enjoy running. One benefit that I hadn't considered lately, though, is that it makes my heart strong. And who knew this could be important for work? After all, I work with old people who move really slow and nap between meals.

But today, because I have a strong heart, I am sitting here writing this post instead of recovering from the heart attack I should have had after the fire panel alarmed, the fire doors slammed closed, and the fire department showed up a few minutes ago.

Adrenaline is an amazing thing. We had residents moved, the "fire" located and controlled, and the fire panel reset before the trucks even got here. This includes physically moving a resident to safety when she reminded me she had oxygen in her apartment. If the words "fire" and "oxygen" in the same sentence don't cause you to instantly cash in your chips, nothing short of unfortunate genetic composition probably will. (Running has also made my ankles strong enough to have done this in high heels. Gazelle, are ya proud?!)

And so with that preamble and no further ado.... I give you today's lesson brought to you by Rock Ridge: If you're planning to fry okra, don't forget you put the grease on the stove to heat up.


Amy - the gazelle said...

I am proud - but that sounds scary! I always say that running or walking in shoes that are less than appropriate results in a much greater workout. So far I have no science to back that up, though.

Glad you survived both the fire AND running in heels.

Sarah said...

That does make me nervous for you! Great that you did that in heels - but maybe you need to keep some tennies by your desk for emergencies!

carrie said...

Gazelle, I don't think we need the science to back it up. I was sweatier than my last five-miler!

Sarah, I actually DO have running shoes under my desk for when I run on the treadmill here. Wish I would have thought of it! :)

General update: This place reeks of burned grease. And the culprit has been yukking it up about the whole event. Um, hello. Not funny.

Anonymous said...

that is some excitement! glad i didn't burn down my house when we had fried okra with dinner the other night!

and what the heck were you doing wearing heels? you NEVER wear heels!