Monday, October 6, 2008

Portland Marathon Recap

Well, I did it. After much waffling back and forth, I decided I might as well go for it and just have fun. My legs didn't bounce back from the Air Force Marathon quite as quickly as I expected (damn hills), so I started knowing it wouldn't be my best outing ever.

I lined up with the 5 hour pace group. I felt pretty good running with them through mile 15. Now I wish I had started out slower in really does save energy. ("banking" minutes in the first half while you feel good=mega slow down in the second half!)

Said pace group passed me on the big ass bridge because I had to walk up that big ass hill. However!! Also at the big ass bridge, I found chiarunner! Her pictures don't do her justice...she is absolutely adorable! And was still smiling and having a good time despite having started her day with a flat tire, tummy trouble, and was limping along on a sore foot.

I'm at a my conference in Sunriver now and breakfast is in a few. So here is the bottom line:

The good: Finishing in 5:14 with totally dead legs, two weeks after Air Force (uh, never again. How do those ultra marathoners DO that???) Getting to run with chiarunner,and then seeing her again at the finish. Awesome job, Che!!!

The bad: The weather. Total constant drizzle. Blech. Not thinking to take a picture of Che after finishing her first marathon. Had the camera and everything. :(

The ugly: One lost toenail and an unbelievable rub from the brief of my shorts. Yeah, THERE. Owie.

{And thanks to all the bloggy buddies who were out there cheering!)


Amy - the gazelle said...

congrats! You are an amazing woman. One marathon is impressive enough - 2 in 2 weeks? That's some kind of magic power, right there!

:) said...

Nice job! Thanks for taking care of the CHIA!!! :)

carrie said...

Thanks, Gazelle. Not really amazing...just crazy! :)

Flatman, my pleasure. She's too cute!

Laura said...

Congratulations!!! It's fun to see others' reports :)