Saturday, October 4, 2008

Meet-Up, Who Knew?

When I started blogging my motivation was to record the hilarious things that happen at the Assisted Living Facility where I work....not once did I think I would actually meet people!

Last night, some bloggers who live in Portland as well as some others who are in town for the marathon met up. (Of course Hubby and I were late because we had to watch the debate first. Taralyn wouldn't have had anything to talk to us about otherwise!)

It was really fun, even if my choice of footwear was disparaged (j/k Gazelle! Really!). Here's the roll call:

P.O.M. (and her friend from Denver)
Junk Miles
Ambitious Aspirations
Running Stories
Unfortunately, Chiarunner didn't make it. Jetlag bites.

It is so interesting that all these random people, (who would otherwise have never known the others existed) with different personalities, lives, and regional experiences, should meet up and share conversation for awhile simply because we all run.

Yet another benefit of running I had not yet discovered.


Sarah said...

So, did you run? Alisa, Amy, and I were cheering at mile 18, but didn't see you. Everyone wants to know ;)

carrie said...

I did it!! 5:14 flat. Not my fastest...not my slowest. Full report tomorrow when I'm not so tired. :)

chia said...

You are so much fun :-). So sorry I wussed out early!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd cry foul on that comment, but what's the use?!?! You're right...I'm a geek! But we talk about other stuff, don't we?!?!

Alisa said...

Can't wait to hear the report. I wish we had asked what everyone was wearing so when we were cheering we could be on the lookout.

Great to meet you!

P.O.M. said...

It was so fun to meet up. Thank goodness the over-consumption of booze that night didn't mess up my race. ha ha.