Friday, May 29, 2009

BQ Foto Friday

I love this picture. It was taken at the finish line of the Chicago Marathon the first time Hubby qualified for Boston (maybe 2001?). He ran something like 20 marathons before he hit his qualifying time, so it was an awesome moment. Next week, he is hopefully going to qualify for next year's Boston at the Sunburst Marathon. (He missed re-qualifying in Boston last month by four minutes). Please send fast running vibes, as I'm not quite sure what I'll do with him if he misses by four minutes again.

And the cutest Halloween costume EVER! (the wee one is pretty darn cute, too)

Running update: The 17.6 last weekend sucked. My knees have been killing me and it's so disappointing to actually be in shape cardiovascular-wise, but have so many aches and pains that it isn't even fun. I've been doing yoga, massage therapy, icing and anything else I can think of this week. Two slow runs this week showed definite improvement with the knee pain, so I'm hopeful I can get through the 21-miler scheduled for tomorrow. Then it's TAPER TIME!
Happy Weekend!


chirunner said...

Seriously, get those knees of yours to a ChiRunning workshop. Or at least buy the book to get started. I couldn't run a quarter-mile without paying for it for 10 days with knee pain. But after CR, no more knee pain, no more shinsplints, no more back pain. You can get the book at your local bookstore or library or go to It can change your running life.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

That picture is SOOO cute!

And the one of the kid's not bad, either.


Happy taper, lil sister!

We started The Goonies last night and got about a third of the way through before it was Ian's bedtime. (We'll finish it tonight.)

Nobody told us that Goonie Ian (Data) had a speech impediment!

"Dwug deawers wouldn't be caught dead in those powwyester wags!"


Carolina John said...

hang in there, you'll feel better soon. get plenty of calcium.

Diana said...

Sweet pics!
I feel the same with the cardio being great, but way too many aches and pains!
Have a great taper!

Laura said...

Love the pics :)

Are you going to be at Sunburst at well for support, or are you staying home to rest up for Grandma's? I'm going to be running Sunburst and will definitely keep an eye out :)

Erik said...

I love that little outfit!!

I so have to get my 3 lil ones one of those.