Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Case of the Missing Money

A few of weeks ago when I tried balancing the petty cash, I kept coming up $225.49 short. I spent the majority of a day trying to figure it out...racking my brain, looking for receipts, and interviewing WorkerBees with access to the cash box. Anything I could possibly think of to investigate all lead to dead ends. In despair, I called the home office to report the shortage.

"Just send the receipts you do have and don't worry about it," said A.P. Lady. Don't worry about it?!?!?! $225.49 simply vanished and I don't worry about it?? My petty cash balances every single month. To. The. Penny. ALWAYS. "Sometimes it will just turn up," she replied. How can $225.49 "just turn up?!?" I'm incredulous, but also a little relieved that I don't have to figure out who to fire over the missing money. A.P. Lady suggested I leave it for a few days and go back to it, thinking I had overlooked something.

I knew I hadn't overlooked anything...I spent way to much time trying to figure it out, but I accepted her advice and let it go. The money never showed up.

Until yesterday. Some background info: When I balance our petty cash receipts, I send the receipts to the home office and they cut a check for the amount of the receipts. The check is made out to me personally, so that I can cash it and replenish the petty cash box. The system works well...usually.

Late yesterday afternoon, Joseph's son knocked on my door. He had a stack of mail. The envelopes had already been sliced open with a letter opener. "I found these in Dad's drawer," said Son. I was incredulous, as I recognized the mail and knew I had been the one who opened it...on about January 15th! Apparently Joseph had picked the mail up off my desk while I wasn't in the office, took it back to his apartment with him and put it away for safe-keeping! I suppose he thought it was his (he does think I'm the church secretary).

As I sifted through the envelopes, suddenly the Case of the Missing Money was solved. Stuck in-between two envelopes was a petty cash reimbursement check. I guess A.P. Lady was right....sometimes money does show back up....but in a million years I couldn't have figured this one out!

So I'm happy the mystery is solved...but...I'm ticked that the check was only for $225.48.

So much for my record.


HC said...

Nice...but what about that penny?! I bet it's in the big red bag!

Amy - the gazelle said...

I'm glad the money turned up! That would've driven me crazy.

I posted shoe porn for you today!

Anonymous said...

I HATE being a penny off!!!!!

Alisa said...

Oh my I would have gone nuts.

Sarah said...


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wait. You're sure Naomi didn't take it? Because Gladys might know something.

Maybe she didn't take the whole $225.49 - bu that missing penny?

Thinka about it. Sure sounds like something she'd do.