Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name

Given the population with which I work it is not a surprise that I've answered to Connie, Cassie, Cathy, Queenie, Lil Miss, BossLady, Hon, Darlin', and Sweetface. But this is a new one.

Today I am the church secretary.

Joseph, the nicest, most kind, forgetful 89-year-old we have is trying to give me his tithe. All day long. He thinks I'm the lady in the church office. "I forgot to give this last week, so I owe you for two," he just told me. I assured him he didn't owe anything and tried to convince him to put his money back into his wallet. He put his church bulletin "The Catholic Call" on my desk and pointed to an article about the building fund. "I want to do my part," he said in his super sweet gravelly voice as I gave him a hug and helped him out of the office.

"You already have," I said.

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