Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Update

This post is coming live from my living room where my pathetic self is slabbed out on the couch from which I have not moved in two days. I didn't eat any peanut butter, but I may as well have. The upside: I discovered at least two things I hate more than the treadmill. And both involve the untraditional use of a toilet.

Moving on to a better subject...

The treadmill and I sorta made up! On Monday, I ran 35 non-stop minutes varying between 12 minute and 10 minute mile pace. It certainly won't set any records, but this felt like a great accomplishment considering I ended up walking the past several times I attempted to run on the treadmill. On Wednesday, with the help of some John Bon Jovi eye candy (you all were right about the TV) I ran 30 minutes, but this time I stayed on 10 minute mile pace the entire run.

I still don't love the treadmill yet, but I made myself have a better outlook about it. And I was yet again reminded that attitude really is everything when the universe rewarded my new found anti-antagonistic attitude. The sun came out Thursday, the temperature made it all the way up to 39 degrees, and I RAN OUTSIDE! It was only three miles, but I enjoyed every step.

My plan for this week includes at least three runs (no pun intended), however I will first have to pry myself off this couch.


Laura said...

Get well soon! I had some similarly non-traditional uses of the toilet last week and they SUCKED :(

Alisa said...

Sorry about those toilet uses...yuck! I think we've all been there.

The 'mill can be good sometimes. Especially if you're near a can work on your form...or so says RunnersWorld. =)

Sarah said...

Sorry you've been sick! Not cool. But Jon Bon Jovi is - good call!

Marna said...

Hope you feel better SOON!