Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Work was insane this week. I have stories but somehow don't feel like writing about them yet. Someone died this week, too, which is probably why I don't feel like it. That part of the job really sucks.

SO. Moving on. I've decided weekend posts will be about my running (or lack thereof) . I need the (perceived) accountability right now because I seem to be lacking a little in the motivation department. I signed up for a marathon this week and then only ran ONE TIME! I have to get over my antagonistic relationship with the treadmill. The temperature ranged from -18 to about +7 this whole week, and there is 6-7 inches of snow and ice on the ground. There is no way I can run outside. I have to figure out how to make treadmill running work for me.

The dumbest thing about despising the treadmill is that I don't even know why! Yes, it's hot. Yes, it's pretty boring. But other than that I can't even think of a real reason WHY I hate it so much. Maybe that whole weird exposed tummy episode caused enough mental anguish that I've subconsciously transferred the horror into treadmill hate?! Yeah. Probably not. I've never been too big on making this week I'm going to try and change my outlook. I'm going to be grateful I have a treamill to run on. I'm going to be happy that I have strong legs and can even run in the first place...and then I'm going to run on that treadmill as if I am loving every single second of it. Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Maybe you could plug a fan in by the treadmill so it feels like a breeze . . . and put a TV in there?

Laura said...

Try wearing a sports bra and (long torso-ed) wicking tank top under your clothes - that way you'll be cool and you won't have to change either.

Unknown said...

i was going to suggest the fan, too. not just a fan, but a FAN. one that throws hurricane force wind. no breeze, GALE FORCE. so strong that you have to Lean.Into.It.

well, maybe not THAT strong, but you get the idea. haha

can you point the treadmill at a window? tv with a tivo? get a copy of "chariots of fire" or "the runner" or "saint ralph".

or, download some "learn to speak x language" podcasts and listen to those. repeating all the foreign phrases is like having a conversation with a running partner.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to force myself to get on the treadmill too. I've only gotten on a couple of times. So, if you come up with any motivational ideas, let me know.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Sorry to hear about the death.

Good luck with the 'mill work!

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain, i hate running on the treadmill. its so boring that i stare at the clock for 60 seconds for 60 mins. the only reason i do it is because i hate the feeling of not runinng more.

Carolina John said...

Yes you should blog about running. we will hold you accountable. it will be fun. you will end up breaking five hours.

If you need treadmill support, check with my wife. She won't get OFF of the treadmill. Just 2 saturday's ago, she covered 20 miles all on the treadmill in 3 and a half hours. rediculous. TV and tunes should get the job done.

carrie said...

Ok, you guys rock! Tonight I will own the treadmill. With the help of a fan and some tv.

Carolina John...maybe I do need to meet your wife. TWENTY miles? I would kill myself.

P.O.M. said...

Let's just take January running off the books and pretend it never happened.