Friday, October 10, 2008


Alisa tagged me to post six random things about myself. Here goes!

1. I have tasted more wine in the past two days than I usually drink in a month. After leaving my conference, Hubby and I came to Oregon Wine Country for a a few days before heading home tomorrow. I should probably also mention that I've eaten more calories in three days than any normal person should consume in three weeks. Gluttony at its best (or worst!) to be sure.

2. I am a total klutz. Typically I fall up (or down, sometimes) the stairs in our house at least weekly. I also whack my thighs, hips, and knees into random desks, walls, counters, and chairs almost daily. I once fell completely down in forward roll fashion at a 4-mile Turkey Trot. By the end of the day my right ankle was as big as my head, and completely black. Oh yeah, and then there is that time I fell down the stairs at the restaurant where my date took me before the Christmas Dance my junior year. The dress ended up somewhere around my chin. Hmmm...and then there's the year I was putting lights on the Christmas tree and both the stepladder and myself ended up in it. Oy. I should probably stop now.

3. Some random things that never fail to make me smile: round hay bales, pine trees, rainbows (we saw one yesterday!), butterflies, a Louis Armstrong song, a pumpkin patch, farmers markets, babies that smell like Baby Magic, the changing leaves of autumn, and the way those leaves smell and crunch under your feet.

4. My most favorite thing to do when I was a kid was ride my bike even though I think I wrecked it a lot (see #2).

5. Incredibly, despite the klutz factor....I spent two years as a professional circus performer, living in California and Florida. It was a total blast. I also toured all over Indiana with a mud show. Somehow by then, though, when I took my elephant-stinking fishnets off at night the job didn't seem nearly as glamorous as I originally thought. Luckily I figured all that out before it was too late to go back and finish college.

6. I have a really hard time doing nothing. I can't watch t.v. without also working on my laptop. I don't make dinner without cleaning the kitchen, or sorting mail or looking at a magazine. I constantly multi-task, even when it is totally unnecessary and I should just SIT DOWN AND CHILL. Like right last night of vacation!

I tag HALEY! :)


Sarah said...

I too am a klutz - but I wish we had talked about the circus when you were in Portland!

carrie said...

Yeah, the circus thing does make interesting conversation! :) I like your new profile pic!

HC said...

Oh lord woman, I'll try... :)

Alisa said...

I love #3! Round hay bales...too funny.

The circus, really?? I so don't see it.

Hope you enjoyed the end of your vacation. I still can't believe you did two marathons so close together...crazy woman.

Anonymous said...

I am SO your kid! I have this mondo bruise on my thigh and have absolutely no idea how it got there! All I can say is, it's a darn good thing there are no stairs at my house!

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