Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two Things I Can't Believe

1. I went to a Doobie Brothers concert last night.*

2. All the !$#?@*% snacks are gone again.**

*"I want to hear some funky dixieland, pretty mama gonna take me by the the hand hand...take me by the hand pretty mama...." So I knew more words to more songs than I should probably admit. Everyone in the audience looked...well, it was a great relief to discover (when I googled it this morning) that the Doobies actually started performing before I was born. Whew.

**Obviously I'm no Nancy Drew. Game back on, snack stealers.


HC said...

The mystery deepens... maybe Old Lady Cheap-o is a patsy...

carrie said...

You could be right, Haley! And now I have the "always look on the bright side of life" song from SpamAlot stuck in my head...."pay the woman, patsy...."