Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Intentions

This morning in the shower I started clicking off things on my gratitude list and decided today was going to be a Fantastic Friday. I didn't even get anxious when I had to stop for the train on my way to work, instead I got all Zen and used the time to think of more things for the gratitude list. I thought about writing a "Positive Post" for the blog. Had lots of great ideas. And then...

Before I can even get my key in the office door, WorkerBee #1 is telling me that a brand new 5-gallon bucket of ice cream ...we're talking $40 of melted all over the place because the person who worked last night didn't put it away after supper. Nice.

Then I actually get into the office, but before I can even turn on the computer WorkerBee #2 enters. She spilled coffee on a resident and can't find the burn cream. The burn cream is all gone. WorkerBee #2 gets all righteous or something about how could things from the first aid kit be missing. Um, HOW am I supposed to replace something when I don't even know it got all used up????? Freaking tell me when something runs out. The same thing happened with toilet paper a few weeks ago. Just all of a sudden we are out. And WorkerBee asks "what should I do, there isn't any toilet paper?" What about this idea: tell someone to order some when you use the last roll? BEFORE we run completely out? Like all I have to worry about is toilet paper? GEEZ. (there's also the time that they just started using Clorox to clean toilets because we were all out of toilet bowl cleaner. So instead of saying anything to anyone...they just started using bleach to clean toilets. What the hell?) Oh yeah...and yesterday another WorkerBee came into the office and said "this is the last copy of whatever what should I do?" Hmmm. Let me think. Maybe make some more copies????

I wish there was a quiz you could give potential employees that measures their common sense. Or maybe I don't. Because then I probably wouldn't have any staff.

SOOOO, it's a good thing I started the day with the Gratitude List, cuz I'm not in the mood to make one now. I wonder if it would be bad karma to start an Ungracious List? I have some names to put on it....

After posting this I checked my email. Here is my quote of the day provided by the Foundation for a Better Life:

“I always prefer to believe the best of everybody-it saves so much trouble.”
—Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), poet, author


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