Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome to the ALFer Life!

ALF is an acronym for Assisted Living Facility, and that is the kind of place in which I work. I absolutely love, love, love my job! Not only do I get to have about 50 grandparents, but also lots of hugs, love, and the feeling like I actually make a difference. All pretty good stuff! My job also requires a really good sense of humor. Luckily, laughing is one my most favorite things to do. And here at Rock Ridge*...well, I get to do it. A LOT.

Every time I tell her about how my day went at work, my mom always says "you really should be writing this stuff down!" Of course, she tells me this between peals of laughter, and the "are you kidding me!?" questions. I never am. Kidding, that is.

I have to admit, the work stories are damn funny. Whoever said the quote about life being stranger than fiction must have worked in an assisted living. Because it is. And funnier, too.

So welcome to the place where I'm going to finally "write all this stuff down." I hope it makes you smile, belly laugh, or both. At the very least, I hope it will provide you with plenty of entries in the journal where you write about all the things you want to remember NEVER to do when you're old...lest someone write about it in a blog.

THE DISCLAIMER: Working with the elderly isn't always funny. Sometimes it is sad, frustrating, and just plain yucky. I simply choose to find the humor in the every day...and most of my residents do, too. I am not going to disparage anyone. I am not making fun of anyone. I am simply finding fun in the day to day, because like Jimmy says: if we couldn't laugh...we would all go insane!

*No, this isn't really the name of our senior living community.

This lady doesn't live at Rock Ridge*, but she would fit in great!

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