Thursday, May 22, 2008

Problem Solving 101

Have I mentioned this? I seriously love my job. Love. It. For so many reasons, but here is the Reason O' the Day: Assistant and I were having a really difficult time trying to find a solution to a problem. We were beyond frustrated and getting nowhere. So what did we do about it? We went to lunch. We met at the trail. And ran 6.8 miles.

I feel freaking great. And we figured out the problem (it is a fact that you think better when you are deep breathing...I think I'll have to write another post on this sometime). What could be better than a job with fifty grandparents to love AND the flexibility to go for a run in the middle of the day AND have an Assistant who runs, too!?

Oh, and about that Assistant. For my birthday she signed us up for a marathon. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving...I guess we'll be doing a lot of problem solving on the trail this summer.

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